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Annoying Little Shites

Locals have been calling the SSN Newsdesk in recent days about a matter of concern. They’ve been reacting to some of the childer that appeared on the Late Late Toy Show last week.


The overall impression was one of being, unimpressed. They singled out some behaviour that they found objectionable including the following

  • Giving cheek to Ryan Turbuddy
  • Acting all high and mighty
  • Dicky bow wearing
  • Tap dancing
  • Singing show tunes


John O’Gobnaught (we suspect not his real name) singled out one child saying “He’s an annoying little shite and he comes from a long line of annoying little shites. His father was an annoying little shite and so was his grandfather, and his great grandfather, but his great-great grandfather, now he was a sound man who should have been sainted.”


Mary McSibbbley (again we suspect not her real name) said “what we were looking at was a collection of future politicians and bank robbing bastards.”

(We suspect she meant banks who routinely rob the people rather than the other way around).

Most callers it seems put the blame fairly and squarely on the parents. Only one caller said she was pleased with the conduct and demeanour of the children on the show but everyone knows she’s just an auld bag.


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