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Another F*&^ing Weather Warning

Met Eireann have only gone and issued what must be the 50th weather warning since last September.

The people of Sligo have had enough. Week after week – indeed it’s day after day – these bunch of “know-it-alls” only go and spoil the day of hardworking (and some not so hard working) citizens of our fair city and county. We took to the streets to gauge the local reaction.

Imelda (42) Cartron – “It’s warning after warning from these guys. Why don’t they just shut up and leave us all alone.”

John (70) Rathbraughan – “They’re causing it, they are. As soon as they make the warnings we get the bloody weather they predict.”

Mary (32) Ashlane  “What are the government doing about this? That’s what I want to know. We’re all sick of it.”

The new weather warning says that it will be dry and sunny. Watch out for a large yellow globule in the sky that will give off heat and light. Be warned that there may be a rush to buy sun cream in the pharmacy. There will be a period of very little to no rain, wind or freezing conditions at all and it’s supposed to put us in a good mood – who do these fuckers think they are?

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