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Are Manbags Acceptable Now?

Experts think that the use of Man Bags in Western civilization is now out of control. The bags have become very popular over the last few years due to the influence of “certain” celebrities.


Some men have been using holdalls, backpacks, briefcases, duffelbags and in some rare cases a clutch (a purse). Somehow the ridiculous idea has taken hold that it’s ok for men to carry around shit for themselves rather than get female companions to take it in handbags or whatever.


The majority of these bags have become so large and contain so much heavy “stuff” that they have been causing back problems. It’s thought that a generation of men will develop posture problems when they get older. This research was carried out by the British Association of Little and Large Semen Accumulation Containers also known as BALLSAC.

Your questions on Man Bags answered by a leading expert.

Q. What is a Man Bag?  – A  bag with personal stuff carried by a man for some unknown reason.

Q. Who invented the Man Bag?  – They were devised in 1996 by an Italian woman from Milan.

Q Does carrying a Man Bag make you less of a man? – In most cases, yes it does.



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