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Are We Happy? Are We Fuck Happy?

The results of a recent report has stated that the island of Ireland has been placed in the top 20 of the world’s happiest nations. They say we should be proud of the fact that we’ve come in at a credible 14th.

Of course we’re not happy with that. Why aren’t we at number one. When we were all fucked in the recession we were continually told by the powers that be that even though we were so very poor at least we were happy.

So who is number one, numero uno, the head honchos when it comes to joy – well that’s the Finns. The who? The what? You ask. The Nordic nation happens to be this year’s winners. And yes it’s an annual event – kill me now.

But why, you ask, why are we so miserable here?  The social scientist that we sometimes employ here at SSN central has come up with a list of top 16 things that really piss us off. And here they are in no particular order.


The Weather The government
Taxes Tourists
Immigrants Sex (lack of)
England Public transport
Commuting Housing
Homelessness Work
Families Irish Summers (the 3 days in July)
Drink (too much and lack of) Broadband blackspots
Crime Farmers

And of course you’ll want to know which country is the most discontent well that would be Burundi –  we don’t know where it is, we can’t even find it on a map. It must be bloody awful.

And if there is something you think we’ve missed out on please feel free to contact us or just simply fuck off.

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