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At Last It’s The Day For Men

It only comes around one day a year and it’s here. The 19th November is International Men’s Day or IMD for short. A time for the men of the world to relax put their feet up – perhaps watch a bit of sport on the telly, get waited on hand and foot by the missus.


Officially IMD is a time for people (mainly women) to reflect on the contributions, sacrifices and progress made by men in society.  Just think of all the things that men have invented that have contributed to society such as Darts, Snooker, Sex and reclining armchairs


SligoSligoNews took to the streets to see how local men would be spending today.

“I’ve been waiting for ages for it to come around, I could do with the rest,” said Myles. 

“About time too,” said Sean ”it’s been long overdue. We deserve it.”

“It doesn’t seem quite fair to be honest,” said David “I mean it’s not really enough. Perhaps there should be an International Men’s Month (IMM for short).”

“Well my significant other is also a man,” said Geoff “so neither of us really get to celebrate today – it wouldn’t be fair. However, I’m sure it works out well for hetrosexual couples. Those men deserve everything they are going to get on this glorious day.” 


So ladies, SligoSligoNews encourages you to let the man in your life spend this wonderful day the way he’d like to. Give him the time to sit back and relax for this, all too brief, period of time and make sure he enjoys himself. Respect him, nurture him and feed him – perhaps some chips and pizza or a curry and naan bread.

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