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Athlete Loses Head But Bravely Continues

high beam 1News just in over the wire (from our on the spot reporter) that a Chinese gymnast continued her routine despite losing her head after one particular movement.

This comes after other competitors have endured horrific and serious injuries at the Rio Olympics. All this week athletes have sustained broken arms, legs, dislocated shoulders, fractured backs, neck injuries and in one case a patella that ‘popped’.

However the actions of this Chinese Heroine appears to be the bravest of the brave.

The following is a transcript between our office and a reporter at the games who has been flown out to Brazil at great expense to SSN – It’s costing us about  €50/day.


SligoSligoNews (SSN): Can you tell us more about this very very brave athlete?

Brazilian Reporter: Her name is Su Lin and she is from China.

SSN: What event was Su Lin competing in?

Reporter : The High Beam.

SSN : Can you talk us through the incident?

Reporter : Sure can. Well Su Lin was walking, jauntily, dancing really on the board, the High Beam. She carried off a few dangerous moves and the crowd really got behind her.  When she completed a quadruple summersault and landed perfectly on the floor the stadium erupted.

SSN : And what happened then?

Reporter : Everyone expected that she’s get a perfect score for the routine, a 10 but when it was scored, she only got a 9.9. The American judge, you know what they’re like. But Su wasn’t about to take it lying down. No by Janey. She went after the judges baldy headed. She let them have it. No one could understand what she was shouting mind, but, well the air turned blue I can tell you. She fairly ranted and raved and didn’t spare any blushes.

But the brave thing is after all that, when calmness was restored, she came back and performed her second routine.

SSN: Oh! When you told us you had a report on an athlete that lost their head, we thought.

Reporter: Well, that’s what did happen.

SSN: OK, well, ah! Thank you for that report.

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