Published on July 18th, 2019 | by sligoadmin


Back to the Future for Healthcare

The minister for health has announced that the Health Services Executive will be restructured into six separate regions. 


The move has been described as a significant milestone in health care delivery. Dissenters have suggested it will be more excruciating like a kidney stone. This health system will then have regional health boards and in the future will resemble was it was like before the HSE was ever set up. That’s what progress is like folks.


This move will of course mean a new recruitment campaign. Thousands of  people will have to be found to fill all the new staff requirements for the boards. Each area will have its own budget and set up which will have to be administered by an army of clerical and administrative workers. It’s believed that expensive front line medical staff and consultant numbers would have to be reduced.


Some people have laughed off the suggestion that it will be an improvement – but that’s a good thing as we are often told that “laughter is the best medicine” – maybe that’s all we’ll be able to afford in the future.

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