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Bang Your Way To Fitness

smartphoneGive her one to keep fit

Forget the vigorous exercise regime and rabbit food diet there’s a fitness programme that everyone should be on. Scientists and developers at the world wide web’s biggest pornography site –Pornhub – have introduced “Bangfit”.


Bangfit comprises a belt (that can be purchased online) and is synchronised with a smartphone strapped to your hips, It measures how much you burn off when doing ‘it’.


Studies have shown that sex uses up 4 calories a minute in men and 3 calories in women (this has been scientifically verified by Top Top boffins). And with some couples taking an average of 24 minutes, that means than men could use up 100 calories and women 70 (these figures have been verified by independent people with calculators).

Pornhub will show ahem “instructional” videos to help you out.  A participant’s movements, gyrations and stroke will be measured using the accelerometer and gyroscope in the phone.


Bangfit is available for one, two or multiple players. Pornhub have described Bangfit as “the fitness method gyms don’t want you to know about”. It is an interactive game that involves “sexercising for points”. The app lets people know how many calories they have burned when they’ve finished. This is a major shift in emphasis for Pornhub who have previous been know to provide content that would generally be watched with just one hand.

Bang on and Bang away we say.



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