Published on July 18th, 2019 | by sligoadmin


Bank Robbers Still on the Loose


Up to 10000 more people were robbed by the notorious ‘Hole in the Wall’ gang. The central bank has been investigating the case with the due diligence of a puppy. Once they get their teeth into something, well they let go very easily.


A total of 99 homes and over 200 buy to lets  were carelessly lost – surely people didn’t forget where their properties were or they didn’t drop their keys in the street. But they were lost anyway so that’s that – as far as the central bank is concerned.


The bank knows exactly who is responsible but they seem to be reluctant to continue investigations. And what’s been the result of these inquiries you may ask – well a final report has been produced and basically we have to suck it up. But rest assured “lessons have learned”, “a line has been drawn in the sand” and industry “best practice” will be employed from now on. 


What’s worse is they know these robbers are still stealing and the thieves are getting away with it again and again and again. The robberies caused and are still causing untold stress to the poor unfortunate victims. The robbers don’t wear balaclavas or carry sawn off shotguns but instead wear suits and carry briefcases – evil bastards.

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