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Banking Inquiry Enquiry

bank-inquiryThe Banking Inquiry was cast into chaos and confusion today amid ongoing spelling confusion. Fianna Fail committee members remained insistant that it was a Banking Enquiry and that when it was set up the spelling should have been sorted out.

Fine Gael members said that it didn’t really matter what it was called as long as it got to do what it was supposed to do when it was first thought up to find someone to blame at the beginning of the crisis that has affected us all and the people responsible were found to be irresponsible when all was said and done.
Labour said ‘whatever they say is fine by us and we agree with that’. A desperate group of Independents said they couldn’t give a f**K. Meanwhile RENUA the newest political group on the block called for an ‘Inquiry into the Enquiry’.

A brown suite wearing Fianna Fail TD disagreed entirely and insisted that it was ‘the pacific policy of government to derail the enquiry, inquiry, whatever’. Their was Pandymonium on the government side when this was suggested. They insisted that nutting could bee further from the truth.

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