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Black Friday

SligoSligoNews investigates – Where did Black Friday come from?


Some say the day is a commercial celebration of all that’s good about capitalism. Others disagree. It’s a US import for sure. Traditionally it’s the day after the US holiday of Thanksgiving. This is where Americans eat a humongous (turkey based) meal with their loved ones. A lot of people travel home for the day and by all accounts it’s a big deal over there.


As the following day is Friday a lot of workers tend to call in sick – so this day is also a kind of holiday.  And then the citizens of said country go on a ballistic shopping spree. So after splurging it’s time to spend. Shoppers queue outside department stores in order to avail of great deals on offer. When a store opens its doors the crowds surge forward. Then the inevitable violence breaks out. There have been shootings and stabbings and crush injuries. On average, every year approximately 1 person is killed and 10 seriously injured.


Some have labelled the day “disgusting” and an “outpouring of naked greed”. We don’t know where all the nakedness is going on but we’d like to know. There has been some confusion in towns around Ireland about the nature of the day. 

Widespread fury was  expressed among racists groups recently who are seemingly furious that there is even a day called Black Friday.


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