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British Excited For Erection

The British are beside themselves at the prospect of an erection this winter.

The parliament in Westminster at last had the balls to vote for a poll to be held on December 12th. Historians said it’s the first time one has come up at this time of year in nearly a century. 

Commentators hope that once the counting is all over and the vote decided that politicians returned to the house don’t go and cock things up.

The debate will not merely be a matter of senior politicians swinging big dicks.  The campaign will be very hard but afterwards in some areas will be soft. 

Some see it as a say on whether Britain will be able to pull out of the EU completely. Others hope they can stay balls deep in Europe. At this stage it’s too early to tell, it depends on who can build up a head of steam.

How will the voters of Penistone & Stocksbridge decide to cast their votes? Who will the good people of Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock toss aside?

It doesn’t matter because everyone is getting shafted. And when it’s all done and dusted we can have a stiff drink. The conservatives will attempt to push through their agenda and basically hump everyone into submission.

This side of the Irish sea it’s clear that Leo, Mickey and all the others are hoping that they may get to hold an erection themselves in the near future.

Correction – SligoSligoNews wish to make a full and frank apology for the obvious spelling mistakes contained in this article – but we won’t.

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