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Broadband For All

The news that the government has finally signed the contact for the National Broadband plan was warmly welcomed by the people of Sligo.


To some it may spark new business ideas, for others they won’t have to commute long distances to work. The home office and online conference meetings will be a very real possibility. We will be able to download movies in seconds or stream them without waiting for them to “buffer”.  Online gaming will be seamless. The world is becoming smaller.


Politicians stated that the roll-out will benefit innovation in rural farms. Farmers will be able to stay in the kitchen with the feet up, watching some programme on the computer while the livestock are monitored in real time. A  “Robo-Farmer” will tend to any problems. There will be no need to move their arse from in front of the fire.


SligoSligoNews spoke to one such farmer. Jimmy McGourty lives “two mile up a boreen beyont the Ox Mountains and round a bend from a bog”. He’s expecting to get ultra high speed broadband.  We asked him what this would mean and how it might change his interest in farming.


“Finally a dream come through. I’m looking forward to accessing to good quality Dutch Porn,” said Jimmy 64. “F*&k the farming after that. To hell with it. When all’s set up and running I’ll have me hands or should I say hand full.”

Factcheck – Jimmy is 65 years old.

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