Published on March 25th, 2019 | by sligoadmin


Brown Envelopes?


A recent inquiry found that a former Taoiseach (Irish for Prime minister) took over 200 thousand euro in secret payments when he was in office and told porkie pies under oath about the money. Two other FF politicians were also found to be “at it”  by the three judge panel.


Sligo councilors have expressed shock and disbelief and consternation and exasperation (and in one sad case evacuation) at the findings. They are due to pass a motion – except of course in that one sad case – where they will comprehensively denounce the report’s findings.


“I don’t believe for a second that that kind of thing went on in Ireland,” councillor Thaddeous O’Really told SSN, “sure that kind of thing would only happen in third world countries”.

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