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Children’s Hospital – Top In The World

The new Children’s hospital, when finally complete, will be one of the most expensive buildings in the world. When fully kitted out it may eventually come in at €2.4 billion. According to procurement experts it wasn’t designed properly in the first place and costs have spiraled out of control.

All the major parties have come out this morning to air their views.

Fine Gael – the main party of government – said that even though it was a touch on the expensive side future generations would be proud of the hospital. They also asked what was all the fuss about.

Fianna Fail – the party that propped up the government – welcomed the fact that our hospital would be the most expensive in the world putting us ahead of our European neighbours in terms of overspending and wasting money.

Sinn Fein said that we should build at least four more similar, but more expensive hospitals around the country.

Labour said that the hospital is providing jobs as it being built and there will be jobs when it’s completed (possibly sometime in  2045).

The Greens started going on about someone’s footprint. They also said they’d welcome the opportunity to go into coalition with anyone to ensure they could neturalise carbon.

The Social Democrats refused to comment until everyone was equal.

The Independents want new roads built in every constituency where candidates are running and it’s proposed that we should construct buildings to house white elephants in Kerry.

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