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China Moon Garden

It may sound like a nice place to eat but this is a Chinese space adventure where astronauts are growing plants on the moon. Cotton is the first biological matter ever to have been germinated on the moon. And the development may lead the way for colonisation of other planets.

China’s Chang’e-4 mission has successfully started growing on the moon. More plants will sprout in the next few months and Irish people will be happy to know that potatoes are next on the list. Other crops include rapeseed , Arabidopsis (like cress/cabbage) and yeast.

Fruit flies – Drosophila – will also be grown/hatched. They are ideal to help understand how animals may react in the environment. All plants and insects will be grown or hatched in a ‘lunar mini biosphere’ – basically a sealed tin can.  A tube will direct sunlight from the surface of the moon into the tin where the plants grow.

According to scientists if we can grow plants in space we will eventually enjoy long space flights to other planets. Beijing plans to build a lunar base and put people on the moon by 2036. They will look at the viability of building houses there. Their work is cut out for them as a lunar day lasts 14 days as does a lunar night – half its orbit around Earth. The temperatures on the surface ranges from a peak of 127°C to a very cold -173°C.

When we have to leave the earth** because we’ve really f****d it up at least we know we can grow some food up there.

(**Editors note – only those that can afford it will be able to leave the planet in search of a new life).

The Chinese could conceivably open their first take away and Chinatown in space. Indian scientists and restaurant owners are said to be furious.



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