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Claim – Your Personal Injury Prize

To trip or not to trip. People will use any excuse to sue. Even when things are their own fault.


A man sued Budweiser for emotional stress and psychological damage resulting from their advertising campaign. Adverts suggested that drinking a Bud made beautiful women in bikinis appear. The man looked for $10k damages because of the misleading advert and another $10k because, in the hope the women would appear, he consumed too much beer.


A judge awarded an injured shopper €23k compensation for a slip on a potato wedge in Dunnes. The woman landed on her hands and knees, but her doctor treated her for pains in her back and neck. The judge was told her fall had aggravated an existing condition. The wrist injury was having a negative effect on her quality of life. Dunnes argued that she was careless.


A man sued NBC television for $2.5 million because of the TV show “Fear Factor”. When he saw contestants on the show eat rats he became dizzy and light-headed, vomited and ran into a doorway.


A woman sued Universal Studios theme park for the mental distress and emotional counselling she had to undertake as a result of visiting “Halloween Horror Nights” attraction. She claimed that the ride was too scary.


A man sued a coal company he worked for $10 million. When he visited an on-site portaloo he smoked  a cigarette. A methane leak in a pipe to the loo caused a huge explosion when he struct up a match (more than the cigarette went up).


A woman from Florida sued for injuries sustained in a park as a result of a goose attack. The goose lunged at her son, and when she tried to protect him the goose hit her foot. She fell and broke her tailbone. She claimed the authorities should have posted warning signs the goose was territorial.


In Ireland a whopping 22,000 claims were lodged last year a 15% increase on the previous year. Despite the surge in cases, figures awarded by the High Court have fallen because judges have taken a harder line on dodgy claims.

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