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Confusion as kid tries to buy €44 worth of sweets with WB Yeats coin

yeats15eurocoinA Sligo schoolboy was the cause of mayhem and confusion when the owner of a local sweetie shop thought the kid was pulling a fast one.

Sean Swan (12) gathered sweets to make up his pick and mix to the value of €40 euro in the popular shop then proceeded to chomp his way through the treat. His haul included Bon Bons, Liquorice All Sorts, Gob Stoppers, Fizz Bombs and Tutti Frutti.

However all hell broke loose when he tried to pay for the goods with a limited edition €15 WB Yeats coin.

The furious sweetie shop owner was having none of it and called in the Gardai.

The coins have been selling at the outrageous price of €44 when the printed value is set at €15. Issued by the Central bank on Dame Street in Dublin the coins show WB Yeats having a bad hair day with linnets and bees tangled up in his hair.

A standoff ensued in the shop as Sean Swan waited for change while the shop owner demanded payment.

An unrepentant Sean, doubled over and clutching his stomach in pain said “Me ma paid forty four bleeding eura for this and I’m only getting me money’s worth. Well her money’s worth.”

Only eight thousand sets of the coin have been minted to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of popular poet who enjoyed a long association with Sligo. A local Councillor stated that this was all the fault of the bank who were again shown to be taking the piss out of ordinary dacent people.

The situation at the shop was diffused by Sean’s mother who settled the bill and apologised for her son’s actions. She was heard to swear that she’d batter the little darling when she got him home, for stealing the money from her purse.

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