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Cows Ground Flight

A plane was forced to make an emergency landing because the heat generated by its cargo of cattle set off a fire alarm.


The plane carrying approximately 400 cattle had to land so the doors could be opened to let in fresh air and to cool down. The craft landed safely and later it was able to carry on its intended journey. It’s believed the alarm was triggered somewhere in e-COW-namy class.


These bovine creatures are known to get very hot. If you’ve ever stood beside one you’ll have noticed that steam literally comes off their bodies. But they will also burp and fart to their hearts content. A source at the airport reported to SligoSligoNews that the stink was out of this world. Such noxious gases reaching a high temperature could have led to an unmitigated disaster.


The pilots took the brave decision to have a stop over and get a break from the relentless assault on their nostrils. They were supplied with gas masks before they continued.


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