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Culture Night Disaster

A woman who attended Culture Night in Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon has labelled the event “a complete disaster.”


Culture night is held in late September throughout Ireland. It comprises hundreds of traditional, classical, historical and artistic exhibitions and events that are free to the public. It has proved so popular that almost the entire country – well the educated and sophisticated ones anyway – turn out to enjoy what amounts to a splendid evening for most people.


The woman who wishes to remain anonymous (but we’ll call her Mary) described the Ballaghaderreen event, organised by local Roscommon scientists, as “pure shite.”


Asked why she stayed for the full three hours staring at the array of Petri dishes Mary replied “I felt I had to. It is part of my culture after all.”


We looked it up to see that Culture (the kind grown in Petri dishes) is defined as…

The cultivation of bacteria, tissue cells, etc. in an artificial medium containing nutrients. The cells proliferate readily in culture.

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