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Cyberchondria Outbreak Sweeps the Country

Doctors are fearful that this latest outbreak could play havoc with our health system – which is currently in a dreadful state.


The medical profession is calling it the greatest threat to human health since the first greatest threat – a plague or some such. It’s feared that Cyberchondriacs would flood emergency departments and hospital wards and put a huge strain on resources. The experts are scratching their collective heads in order to understand how it could have grown to such epidemic proportions.


Outspoken health workers despair every time an individual presents with Cyberchondria. The term was coined recently to refer to people who look up illness symptoms online. These “patients” end up believing they have contracted fatal incurable conditions, contagious viruses and terminal diseases. The public have been advised to avail of the latest jabs to prevent an occurance.


Cyberchoncdria leads to stress and anxiety. A consultant as Sligo University Hospital told SligoSligoNews – “People who look up symptoms using Dr. Google can conceivably develop the condition immediately. And almost 100% of these people go on to become full blown Cyberchondriacs.”

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