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Dáithí O Sé Rushed to Hospital with PRSD

daith + ambulanceThe popular presenter of the Rose of Tralee has been rushed to Kerry regional hospital with a suspected case of Post Rose-matic Stress Disorder (PRSD). Although not as severe as the condition (PTSD) suffered by veterans of the gulf war it is clearly related as both are stress induced.

Dáithí (46) who smiled, laughed and guffawed through the competition was forced to endure what can only be described as incredible amounts of nerve shredding torturous stress.

Doctors the world over have repeatedly stated that the condition is not a “makey up one” and are treating the presenter with the care he deserves.

A spokesperson said that being forced to endure numerous poems, songs (including one Happy Birthday), tears (sometimes his own),  selfies, Sean knows dancing, instrument playing and parlour tricks with a smile on his face didn’t do him any good. The spokesperson claimed that any normal person would be in a much worse position than the courageous presenter (50).

It is believed that appearance of Daniel O’Donnell and his “dancing” was the tipping point that sent the man from county Kerry over the edge. No one can say if this will be the last year for the man who has presided over the completion for the last few years. He was said to be in a serious but stable condition last night.

However conditions at the hospital have not been ideal for the patient as nurses have constantly been vying for his attention. It is rumoured that one blindfolded intern juggled with syringes as Dáithí (49) helplessly gurgled into a mug of tea.

Previous presenters of the competition have also suffered the effects of PRSD – it’s rumoured that Ray D’Arcy (60) hasn’t been the same since he gave up the gig.

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