Published on December 9th, 2020 | by sligoadmin


Deal or No Deal

With all current media output devoted to Brexit it has come to the attention of SSN that Boris Johnson and the British government have arranged a massive trade deal with a (as yet unnamed) foreign power.


The deal said to involve billions of pounds will include navy frigates, destroyers, drones, robotic soldiers and munitions. It will also contain a consignment of old BBC and Sinclair ZX Spectrum computers – to serve as backup for the internet backbone in the (still unnamed) country.


The country believed to be in the Middle East is landlocked (and we’re not going to say who is it). However we have it on good authority, the leader, who has been in charge for the last thirty years, is known to have certain plans for expansion. 

In return for this deal to go through the UK will agree to import fossil bones, sand and surplus chicken.

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