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Deluded Girlfriend Plans for Summer

Local soccer fanatic Christy Murphy is in despair at the moment due to his girlfriend’s lack of awareness about the game and right now he’s in a bit of a quandry.


His girlfriend very recently expressed delight that the football was finally finished up in England and Scotland and they would have more time to spend together for the summer. No more Salah or ‘Arry Kane or screaming obscenities at The Arsenal.


Jokingly he told her that there was some soccer to look forward to – the Championship play offs – for teams to qualify for the Premier league – reported to be the most lucrative game in the world. Then the Champions League final. Of course the Airticity league of Ireland runs through the summer until November. And there is the odd friendly international and testimonials. Of course some teams go “on tour” playing all over the world.


That piece of information didn’t go down too well but she still clung to the idea that it wouldn’t be “all the time ”. She proceeded to make plans for shopping excursions, picnics and trips to the park, walking and camping outings and the odd treat to stay in a B&B or a hotel for a weekend away.


He didn’t have the heart to tell her about the upcoming World Cup. He’s planned to mention it over a cup of tea or better yet when he comes home drunk next Saturday night.

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