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Dinner – Added Special Sauce

A 37 year old man, high on meth, started acting out and behaving badly in a family run restaurant in the US state of Oregon. Onlookers were horrified when he got his cock out to masturbate so a 911 police call was quickly made.


Officers requested the man come quietly but to no avail. It’s reported that he “beat off” fifteen police officers who attempted the arrest. As he tried to shoot his load he was tasered. This didn’t stop him pleasuring himself and he continued “spanking the monkey”.


The incident ended peacefully and everyone was delighted with its happy end. The restaurant manager told us that the man had consumed a few stiff drinks and ate the Coq Au Vin – (the special at $9.99 – it always includes a free dessert, tea or coffee and is available on Fridays). “The dish already comes with special sauce so I don’t know what he was trying to add,” said the manager.


Officers described the call out as one of the hardest they had to deal with recently. They are extremely busy at this time of year and always have their “hands full”. Shocked diners at the restaurant couldn’t believe anyone would have the balls to do such a thing.

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