Published on May 23rd, 2017 | by sligoadmin


Dog Nappied

A Fianna Fail county councillor is proposing a unique motion to combat the unsightly mess of dog poo littering Sligo streets.


His wants to make dogs wear nappies. It will work in a similar way to those horses in Killarney. The nappies will of course be smaller than the ones used in the popular Kerry town. However some regular SSN readers have pointed out that the size of some dog shites would leave you wondering if you were dealing with some kind of over-sized giant monster canines.


Quite who is going to enforce this edict no one knows at present. A Garda spokesman has vociferously stated that they are not “the dog-shit police” and said litter wardens should be responsible. The litter wardens shot back that the “Garda are shit police” and pointed the finger firmly in their direction.


A  rival politician (to the first politician) who wishes to remain anonymous is opposed to the measure on fashion grounds.

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