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Doggy Brain Study

A scientific study by some of the world’s leading boffins (scientists) has looked at how dog’s brains relate to us as humans. You will be more than surprised at the result. 

The study costing a mere €400m, looked at our four legged best friends and how they perceived their human owners. Boffins and researchers in the European Union worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over a 5 year period to produce such earth shattering results. The expense both in monetary terms and time had been deemed wonderful value for money and worthy of a Nobel prize or something.

The study found that a dog is just not wired to respond to a human face. They can be as excited by the back of your head as the front. So if you are laughing and smiling and talking shite to little Sammie he probably doesn’t feel the way you imagine he does. He probably just wants food or a walk or to be left alone.

A bit off the point but none of this explains of course that, when I used to visit my auntie’s house her mutt Sparky would always attach himself to one of my legs and hump away – the dirty little dog.

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