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Don’t Mention The Homeless

The Irish government strongly hinted today that the homeless should be kept out of sight.


Media reports on the so-called crisis is bad for our reputation and bad for jobs. We are being encouraged to don the ‘Green Jersey’ when it comes to this matter. We can’t have potential companies that might invest being able to see what is actually going on. The media therefore should put up, shut up and report on something else. We ask – Are these the same kinds of companies who – aided by our own government – don’t pay a fair rate of tax?


SligoSligoNews proposes that we issue people sleeping rough with appropriately coloured sleeping bags. Green and brown for those sleeping in parks and ditches and gray for those who prefer the luxury of soft concreted pavements or doorways. It will be best for all concerned it they could just blend into the background.


According to Leo, our glorious leader, our homeless situation is no worse and possibly the equal of anywhere in Europe – so in one sense we can say we are holding our own. A spokesperson for the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive recently said we should not give food or money to homeless people as this will only make the problem worse. In a sense it will encourage them.


I don’t know about you readers but I find it hard to see people on the streets and know that families are struggling to make ends meet and don’t have a place to call home. We as a nation have failed if we do not address and solve this issue. Shame on us, shame on our government.


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