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Double Chips For Me And The Lady Wants A Side Salad

What you eat can say a lot about you. But it’s recently been revealed that what a lady doesn’t eat can hold some more secrets. Women, it seems will change their eating habits in the company of an attractive man they want to cop off with.


When dining out with a guy they fancy, women will order and munch away on a salad or some other zero calorie rabbit food instead of the double burger, onion rings, battered sausage, chicken goujons and large chips they really crave. And all to impress a possible “Prince Charming”.


We at SSN simply want to know what kind of “Prince” takes his date to a fast food restaurant? The study from Aarhus University, Denmark (*is Aarhus a real name I hear you ask?) is to do with the so-called phenomenon of “mate attraction”.


In a quick office survey the women in SSN rubbished the idea. However the research is the research and scientists, academics and universities wouldn’t do this kind of thing if it didn’t produce worthwhile information. The report states that women prefer low calorie foods when in front of someone they find attractive. It also helps if the guy is loaded (money wise not drink wise).

* apparently Aarhus is a real place – it is in Denmark.

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