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Dry January

By  Glenn Ponder Health Correspondent

A lot of people are having a dry January. After the untold excess over the Christmas period – the humongous turkey and ham dinners, turkey sandwiches, chocolates, sweets and treats – some people simply want a break.


There are obvious benefits for your health, both short and long term and for your financial well-being. More and more people are taking up the challenge every year. It’s thought that approximately 10% of people in Northern Ireland will be doing it.


However some experts believe that a certain cohort of people may use the period of sobriety as an excuse to drink even more over the rest of the year. This may  be an effort to catch up, or out of a feeling they’ve “done their bit.”


“It’s great that we’re going to have a dry month – did the government arrange it?” asked John from John Street. “No rain for most miserable time of the year. How did they manage to sort that one out?”


When I pointed out that the initiative meant no alcohol for the month John told me in no uncertain terms to “fuck right off with that notion,” and, he continued “I always thought Nordies were lightweights.”


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