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Embarrassing Mix Up

A Sligo man admitted to friends at an outdoor drinking session how he caused an embarrassing mix up earlier this year. The drinking session took place at a popular pub in the outdoor (safe) drinking area. Things got quickly back to normality with the gathering settling into large conversation lulls – this despite 18 months of enforced isolation.

Mark Toshiba (not his real name) broke the silence when he told his mates about a mix up he made during the school term. “My son was in a rush to get off to school,” began the former carpenter, “ and he wanted to take sanitizer with him. I grabbed the first bottle I found and put it in his bag. It turned out to be lube.”

Apparently Mark’s son Joshua was the butt of laughter at school when he poured the liquid onto a friend’s outstretched palms. Mark’s admission has led to a plethora of poor jokes and puns. He was sorry he slipped up. His friends quipped – 

“That was some sleight of hand,” and “I hear your son was on a slippery slope”.

We’ve certainly have had some fun in the office today coming up with our own jokes and puns.

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