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England Fans Blame Brexit Leave Voters For Euro Shame

Distraught England fans have turned their hatred towards Brexit leave voters.

“It’s them idiots at home what did it. They voted us out of the Euro and see what’s happened,”  says Jamie, 21, from The Wirral, a proud English hoo-ray for us, supporter.  “We’ve only gone and lost to some lads that spend their lives in the frozen food section of an international supermarket chain, what’s going on?”

england fans2

On the streets of France we gauged the mood of the fans following their 2-1 loss to the mighty soccer nation of Iceland.


An irate Wayne, 19 from Huddersfield asked “Why aren’t the Welsh out as well they voted to leave and all. If anything Northern Iron should still be there as they voted to remain. I don’t understand it at all. Who’s in charge?”


In an astonishing attack on the English football authorities the England fans started a chant that went “We’re not leaving, we’re not leaving, we’re not leaving Europe, we’re not leav-ing Eur-op-e.”


The singing went on for some seconds. It was wonderful. You had to be there to witness the majesty of it all. Then someone threw a chair – which is the traditional end to all England chants as set out in their unwritten constitution.


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