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EP Partygoers Upset At Yellow Rainfall Alert

Where is all this rain coming from?


No one is happy with the current state of the weather in Ireland. One group in particular have been very vocal about the matter.  Electric Picnic-ers are incensed that their weekend may be spoiled by this latest outbreak of weather. It could interfere with sessions of drinking “Bolly” and flavoured gin.


They want to know what the government is going to do about it. Sligosligonews rock correspondent mingled with the crowds outside the famous venue in Stradbally (we couldn’t get our hands on a ticket this year).

Tarquin, a bearded  barrister from Dun Laoghaire, resplendent in red chinos, loafers, sporting jacket and white straw hat asked “Why is it yellow anyway, couldn’t it just be a different colour?”

His partner – Justin a merchant banker (and weight lifter) from Wicklow, wearing dungarees (no tee-shirt underneath) and Doc Marten boots piped up “Yellow rainfall alert makes it sound like someone is urinating on us from a great height.”

“How will I manage mud in these heels?” posed Clarissa Allegra-White a blogger, designer and conceptual artist from Dalkey. She was wearing a second hand designer wedding dress.

Tabatha a life coach from Clontarf said “I don’t mind a bit of rain I really don’t. It gives me the chance to wear my polka dot galoshes that match this waterproof onesy.” She confirmed that the US and UK flags sewn onto her outfit were a “post ironic statement on the current state of affairs in these respective countries”.

Sligosligonews wishes to confirm that galoshes are a type of wellington.

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