Published on January 14th, 2020 | by sligoadmin


Erection Fever

A general erection has been called in Ireland.


“It’s huge,” said the sexy female newsreader “news for the country”. The smiles on the faces of politicians and potential pollies when the announcement was made was a sight to behold. They can’t wait to hold and get a good grip on this erection. The polls will open on February 8. Some say it’s too cold at this time of year to force an erection. It’s the first time since 1918 that one has come up on a Saturday – fair play to the government for having the balls to put it up to the opposition.


A winter campaign isn’t exactly welcomed by the public at large but we have to do something about it now that it’s been raised. We don’t know how it will turn out and hopefully those erected don’t go and cock things up when the count is finished. Most observers say it will be hard fought.


From now until the day we cast our votes we’ll have to listen to a lot of shite talk from some big swinging dicks and see their ugly mugs on posters.

Correction – SligoSligoNews should make a full and frank apology for the obvious spelling mistakes contained in this article – but we won’t.

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