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Exposed – Olympic Drug Ring

A shocking revelation has come to light that one of the Olympic rings has failed a drugs test and will be banned from the rest of the games.

Opening Ceremony

The ring cannot be identified yet for secrecy issues. However it featured heavily at the opening ceremony and the Twitter-spere was awash with suggestions about the ring and a certain drug.

This was taken into consideration by the organising committee. All the rings were tested but only one failed the test.

The decision can be appealed the but it is understood that the B sample will now be checked.olympic rings


The ring in question has been only been in training for the Rio Olympics for two years compared with the other rings that have been training for decades. It was preparing for the Olympics with a controversial Dutch coach who also cannot be named at present.

An insider stated that they could not understand how this ring could take its place on the flag with the others.


The five interlocking rings that feature on the flag are coloured blue, yellow, black, green, and red and sit on a white background. The rings represent five world continents, Africa, Asia, America, Europe and Oceania. But a spokesman stated that this issue should not be used to condemn an entire continent.

The same Olympic flag has been in use for almost a hundred years and this is the first time it has been mired in controversy.

The Olympic motto translates from the Latin as “Faster, Higher, Stronger” and some commentators believe there is more than a hint in there regarding drug use and the games.

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