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Families Horrified by ‘Blatant’ Nakedness on Local Beach

This week Mums and Dads, simply enjoying the holiday sunshine on a local beach, were forced to shield their children’s eyes with hands, tee shirts or whatever was available from the horrific sight of naked bodies parading along leaving nothing to the imagination.


“They brazenly sauntered along the sands and shore and flaunted what they had,” said Ken McQuillan (35) a father of two. “There were tits on display everywhere. Have they no shame?” Ken posed. He and his wife Michelle (32) were forced to take the kids home. Other families also made a hasty retreat.


The bodies in question belonged to a herd of Friesian dairy cows owned by a local farmer. Politicians have joined in the debate and have called for some kind of decency laws to be enforced. But so far there are no plans for farmers to cover up the cows and save the blushes of the holidaying public.

Another parent also pointed out that the uncaring cows who had “traumatised all and sundry,” also went and “shat all over place.”

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