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Famous Sligo Actor in Rehab

A member of the public recently spotted Sligo’s most famous son emerging from rehab recently.


We cannot name the actor for legal reasons but we’ll call him John. He’s in his mid 40s separated from his wife of 15 years and has four kids. One with his wife, two with the wan he left her for and another with the latest girlfriend who is East European.


Like every other Irish actor he’s been in Fair City a few times and was an extra in Game of Thrones. To pay maintenance he has been working as a labourer for the past 15 years. It gives him the “flexibility to accept parts when they come up” he would probably maintain.


The concerned member of the public contacted SligoSligoNews when stories emerged that John was spotted having a late night drink at a well known local hostelry. Previously he had attended Sligo races which led to speculation that he might have a problem with the horses. The concerned citizen said she overheard him say on a night out “I’m going to have Coke tonight”. She maintains this was a reference to the drug cocaine – which is highly addictive and frequently taken by people involved in the entertainment industry.


One of our top journalists “doorstepped” John outside his expensive city centre apartment. When the journo finally got his chance to pose questions, John replied simply  “I was only visiting a friend who works there”.

It appears John was visiting the local Sligo offices of the Rehab group. SligoSligoNews would like to apologise to John and simultaneously castigate the punter who phoned the newsdesk with such a ridiculous and uninformed story.


We pay for stories – if you come across a celebrity (actor, sports star, knobhead) doing something they really shouldn’t be doing – get in contact with us at SligoSligoNews. We guarantee they will be taken down a peg or two by our crack investigative team. 


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