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Fast Food Restaurant Discrimination

Following a public outcry, SligoSligoNews carried out a year long  investigation into discrimination in fast food joints. These are some of the findings that our intensive reporting uncovered.

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  • Nandos refused to take a booking from a certain John Chicken from Maryland.
  • Duncan Doughnut wasn’t allowed to dunk a recently purchased donut in his coffee. He was asked to leave an establishment as it was “suggested” he could upset other customers.
  • Malcolm McDonald – a famous soccer footballer who played for Newcastle and England was barred from a popular Irish fast food chain as he insisted on using his old playing nickname – Supermac.
  • King Burger of Swaziland – first name Basil – was refused entry to a branch of a fast food restaurant that will remain nameless.
  • Members of the native north American tribe the Apaches received a lawsuit stating that they must cease and desist cooking and eating pizza.
  • Mick Donald from Ovens county Cork was told he would no longer be welcome in a certain fast food emporium.

At SligoSligoNews we found this behaviour just the tip of the iceberger. Fast food industry analyst, John Spokesperson, said they were aware of the level of discrimination and were keeping an eye on the situation.

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