Published on March 7th, 2017 | by sligoadmin


Five Second Rule Debunked

SSN exclusively reveals it is NEVER safe to eat food that has come into contact with your floor.


People believe that when you drop food on the floor you have a five second window of opportunity where you can snatch it up it, and it is ok to eat, but that myth has been debunked.


Many a meal has been rescued by cooks acting in this swift fashion but it’s not safe. The saying, “she keeps her floors so clean, you could eat your dinner off them,” has been shown by scientists to be false.


For food to remain untainted the bacteria involved would have to be very slow moving, like some premier league defenders. However a scientist, who has spent years carrying out valuable research in this area, has clarified that “bacteria can contaminate instantaneously.” So SSN advises all its readers not to do it.

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