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Fly Us To The Moon

A number of Sligo residents have expressed the desire to become space cadets with a trip into space.


Space X, the company founded by the electric car man Elon Musk, has planned a trip around the moon in 2018 in the Dragon2 capsule. It is believed that two people have already signed up and paid hefty deposits.


The space tourists will be cramped inside the capsule which measures about three and a half metres across. The trip from the earth around the moon and back again will take over a week to complete. If successful the venture could kick off a new era in space tourism.


These budding space cadets will receive extensive training prior to departure. They will be instructed on how to control the craft in case any problems arise. However the most important part of their training will be on how to use the loo. Apparently having a dump in zero gravity is very difficult but can be mastered with extensive practice.


SSN can report that these initial travellers are not from the Sligo area. However they won’t be disappointed for very long as Irish carrier Ryanair may offer similar trips in the future.


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