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Footy Chief Overworked

The chief executive of a third world footballing (soccer) nation has stepped down from his position in recent days. The poor man told SligoSligoNews that he has been overworked. “The bosses don’t know what it’s like for an executive these days,” he said. “Thankless hours watching matches takes its toll. My girlfriend hasn’t seen me and I haven’t had a day off in, Oh! days. It’s a head wrecker you know.”


Scores of people nationwide have expressed their heartfelt sympathy and concern for the man

@roryleitrim tweeted

How could the football bosses be so cruel – they shoul be ashamed.





The poor man will still be employed by the company but in a reduced role. This role will also mean reduced pay. Luckily he’ll be able to sign on for benefits.


Pausing to think and looking out over acres of playing pitches the former executive reflected “Things have changed. It were all green fields round here when I was a lad. Makes you think doesn’t it?”


When this SSN reporter asked the ex- chief exec if he’s good enough for the loan of a fiver he pressed one thousand euro into my hand and said I could pay him back whenever. What an inspiration!


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