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Forecasts Will Continue – Forecaster

Met Eireann will continue as the country’s top weather forecaster – for the foreseeable future.


Following numerous complaints and widespread criticism over their reports Met Eireann have taken a bold and defiant stance. The majority of the complaints were about “alerts that weren’t as bad as they were made out to be”. 


Farmers, fishermen and householders felt they had wasted time preparing for hurricane conditions when all that turned up was a “fart of a wind”. One member of the public pleaded with the organisation to “stop issuing ridiculous warnings”. Other complaints said the forecasts were a “bit on the late side”.


Met Eireann have come out fighting after all and will continue to issue forecasts numerous times throughout the day – usually with news reports. However exceptional forecasts will be made when necessary.  “We will continue to make forecasts to the nation in a timely and needed fashion,” a spokesperson for the organisation stated earlier today.


A number of people from Norn Iron pointed out that the wind and rain doesn’t stop at the border. But they have their own weather up there – made up mostly of hot air.


Hearing yellow and orange warnings all the time seems to piss the public off – they are afraid to put the television or radio on. Some blamed the organisation for the bad weather we’ve been having lately.


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