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Full Employment Questioned

The CSO – Central Statistics Office – has stated that Ireland is reaching full employment but here at SligoSligoNews we call bullshit.

In a deliberate ploy to bamboozle us with figures the CSO treated us to a barrage of their “statistics”. They also used the tried and trusted double speak of  “seasonally adjusted figures” to cover up any counting mistakes.

The CSO say:

  • the official unemployment rate decreased from 5.2% to 4.9% between the second and third quarters of this year
  • unemployment decreased by 15,800 or 11%, in the year to the third quarter 
  • this is the 29th quarter in succession where unemployment has declined on an annual basis
  • the number of people not in the labour force is 1,470,700 up 1.9% from a year ago
  • long-term unemployment is 27.3% of total unemployment in the third quarter of 2019

The minister for finance is pleased – Paschal Donohoe said the country is now closer to full-employment since the 2008 crisis. But he warned we must be cautious – because of Brexit don’t ya know.

Do they think we’re stupid? The actual unemployment percentage is 4.9%. The total number of people without a job is 120,000 – hardly full employment at all. That’s 120,000 lazy gits out there. Why are they so obsessed with quarters anyway?




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