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Ghost Broker Scandal

More than 10,000 motor insurance policies have been taken out with “ghost” brokers says one of the country’s leading insurance companies.


It may seem like a bit of a joke, it’s not. A car owner who’s taken out a policy with a “ghost” broker and is involved in an accident is not covered. It’s a crime say the insurance companies and the Gardai. These “ghosts” use stolen credit cards to pay for policies. When the insurance company discovers the card is stolen they cancel the policy leaving people driving around without insurance.


The “ghosts” find customers by offering significant savings compared to legitimate brokers. Gullible car owners, who have mostly originated outside Ireland, have been targeted via social media. These “ghosts” ask them to make a payment directly into a personal rather than a company account.


It’s believed that a number of major criminal players are behind the scam. Names bandied around have included – Casper, King Hamlet, Bloody Mary and the ghost of Christmas past.


A spokesperson for the Gardai said they were involving insurance companies in trying to put a stop to the practice. It’s believed the services of a spiritual medium has been employed to communicate with the “ghost” brokers. There has been no contact so far.

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