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Good News For Pensioners Good At Maths

It adds up to more sex

Being able to do hard sums means you can keep something else hard as you get older. A study by the International Longevity Centre of Great Britain has discovered being able to perform mathematically can lead to performce between the sheets as you age gracefully.


It’s the news that should give classroom geeks everywhere a rush of blood to the head (and the penis) – new research suggests that maths can boost people’s sex lives, even into their twilight years. Boffins have identified a definitive link between the ability to perform mathematical tasks in later life and the likelihood of having sex.


For years scientists have been testing oldies with hard sums and recording details of their sex lives to establish a link – and there is a link. Among those in their 80s, one in five of those who scored highly in a maths test was still sexually active compared with just under 10pc of those who struggled.


However more research is on the way to understand the phenomena said the lead scientist – “I think we need to study a lot more to understand what is really at work.”  Just another examples that geeks can have it all.


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