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Goodwill My Arse

The Ugandan government reaction has been one of considerable delight with the news  that Robert Mugabe is to become a World Health Organisation (WHO) goodwill ambassador. The announcement made today was greeted by shock and dismay by most other world governments.


Mugabe is of course the president of Zimbabwe. Political experts believe that Uganda’s positive stance is more to do with deflecting the spotlight away from their appalling human rights record.  In fact Uganda usually welcomes any ridiculous news anywhere in the world.


A goodwill ambassador is also usually involved in fundraising activities and raising awareness of health situations. The job includes visiting aid projects in Africa which means that Mugabe won’t have far to travel. A bonus for the WHO, who have been trying to cut back on enormous travelling expenses racked up by their army of celebrity ambassadors. These bloodsuckers have been costing the organisation a fortune.


It doesn’t seem to matter, a whit to WHO, that Zimbabwe’s president has been repeatedly criticised by the EU and US over human rights abuses. Saving money on travel expenses takes priority.

(SligoSligoNews wishes to apologise for very weak old owl joke printed above).

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