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Government Bingo Balls Up


Protesters forced the government into making an about face over the Gaming and Lotteries Bill with regard to bingo. It proves once again that the women of Ireland are in control of the balls. They claimed every bingo hall in the country would close if the bill wasn’t amended.  The original measures would have meant a reduction in prize-monies to 50% of takings. The protesters were led by two fat ladies and a sexy young thing who kept showing off a pair of great legs. He (with the legs) turned out to be a junior minister. An open air game with protesters and TDs was played on the street outside government buildings until someone finally shouted “Leinster HOUSE”.


Chants heard around the street included – “Hands off our balls”, “Leave our balls alone”, “Bingo is good for the soul” and “Do you want to fondle my balls?” The last shout was made by a pervert who briefly joined the protest before being quickly removed by gardai. 


The bill was amended so that a figure of 25% of takings at bingo will go to charity. And out of the remaining 75%, the organisers can decide how much they can keep and how much can be made available for prize money.  This applies to large bingo operations where total prizes are over €5000. So it’s game on for bingo, eyes down for a full house and hopefully your balls come up.


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