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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – when did that become a thing? I don’t know, it just sort of happened. When I was young I never heard anyone wishing me, or anyone I knew, a happy day on this annual occasion. It was our day – a day for parades, wearing something green, displaying shamrocks and getting pissed. And for some there was mass.

Now I get texts, posts, messages and emails from friends and family here and abroad with the sentiment. Then there are the cards in the shops with a large shamrock or a drawing of the actual saint sometimes holding a pint of Guinness (surely that can’t be accurate). 

Maybe I’m getting older and grumpier and what’s wrong with that I ask you?

Isn’t it great to see the whole world celebrate our national saint’s day?  A day when the world’s greatest buildings and monuments are bathed with green lights. Perhaps it’s in order to join us in our celebrations. Doesn’t it make you feel proud?

Wasn’t the Sydney the Opera House lit up in the colour?

The pyramids of Egypt looked good.

They only went and dyed that river in Chicago the mad yokes.

Even in China some skyscrapers were greened up.

And did you see that lad from Russia who showed everyone his penis – admittedly it was a worrying shade of green. And we asked with a proud grin,  if he did it because of the day that’s in it. He said he didn’t know what we were talking about and that he didn’t paint it at all.


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