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Published on June 19th, 2015 | by sligoadmin


Has WWIII begun?

Waterloo Re-enactment not over yet.
First ever recorded Zombie apocalypse at Waterloo re-enactment

The day started like any other Waterloo re-enactment day.  Spirits were high, weapons were rubber. But deep within the French camp rebellion was brewing.
Waterloo Commemorative Coin
No-one is sure when the French coup happened or why, this will be something historians can debate over in times to come, but all we do know at this time is that the battle originally ten hours long, is now in its 23rd hour with no signs of abating.

“They just won’t stop.  Some are even refusing to die” complained one re-enacter.

“Its a zombie apocalypse out there,” complained another. “The French are getting up again, its not fair”

Word from the French camp is that 200 years is long enough and they are tired of everyone ganging up on them.

A list of their demands has been found plastered to a cannonball fired at the British coalition the first of which is that all Wellington booNapoleon as a Zombiets be renamed Napoleons.  It is unclear if this is an official communication as the high command appear to be absent, possibly tied up in a tent somewhere.

Wellington himself has been kidnapped and the ransom demanded is all the commemorative coins that were minted by Brussels, in a sneaky EU directive sort of way, this year.
Amongst the British coalition is a strong movement to let them win this time as they don’t seem to be afraid of our steel, sorry rubber, anymore.A formal petition to Brussels to protect the working hours and tea breaks allowed to re-enacters in Europe has been drafted in view of the TTIP being adopted and is expected to be ignored when the EU Parliament resumes .

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