Published on May 18th, 2017 | by sligoadmin


How Many Spuds Tonight Sir?

Who would have thought that a great big dinner with extra spuds (done 3 different ways), a 16oz well-done steak and no veg could get you killed?


It has just been scientifically proven – by highly qualified politicians – that driving a car after having a large meal is as dangerous as drink driving. Of course we all  know that a nap after the Sunday lunch is an essential part of the experience. Reactions get slow, the eyelids get heavy and the couch beckons. It’s happened to us all.


However our “nanny state” government now want to take the fun out of getting stuffed. It’s understood that specially trained Garda units will be set up near restaurants in a bid to crack down on people who over-eat and drive. “These people are a danger to themselves and everyone on the road,” said a local nameless politician.


And we ask what about the thousands of poor auld rural auld fellas whose week revolves around a social grubfest (with seconds) and crawling home slowly in the reliable 1998 Toyota.


Gardai won’t be able to police those many folks that overdo it in the sanctity of their own homes before going out for a drive. And how will they be able to prove a big dinner has been consumed? By using a burp-ilsizer?

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